Elevar – Standing Desks and Workstation Accessories

If you work in a desk job, back pain, fatigue and general physical stress may already be affecting you. In the modern workplace, it’s important to invest in electric workstations and workstation accessories, like stand-up desks, to help combat these negative effects. Elevar’s products can provide you with a well-balanced work area and a better quality of life.

Elevar is here to help you avoid unnecessary injuries by giving you a work area that alternates between sitting and standing. We provide our workstation accessories and stand-up desks throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

In addition, we are one of the few companies that are certified by the Australian Furniture Industry (AFRDI), as we accommodate MOD, B2B suppliers and offices with 50+ staff.

Why Choose Elevar?

Elevar brings together a range of equipment and accessories designed to reduce sedentary behaviour, which has been proven to cause repetitive strain and irritate existing injuries. Our products promote an active environment for better health and wellbeing, helping to relieve fatigue without affecting your productivity. Our monitor arms, standing desks, and other workstation accessories can also give you more energy and literally add years to your life.

Our Products

Our products can ensure a healthier and more comfortable work environment. Some of our products include:


Invest in a standing desk that is an adjustable, adaptable and affordable solution for an existing workplace environment.


The latest in manual and electric sit-to-stand workstations to suit almost any shape and size you require.


A range of Monitor Arms to suit varying ergonomic functions, workplaces aesthetics and project budgets – invest in affordable office enhancements.


Get a modern and flexible power system that provides easy access and the ability to charge portable devices.

CPU Holder

Enjoy a space saving and safe method of protecting your computer hardware.

Anti Fatigue MAT

This is a comfortable and supportive final addition to your safe and welcoming work environment.

Elevar provides workplace health and comfort solutions throughout Australia including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Please feel free to browse our products or contact us for more information.

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