Be More Efficient With A Dual Monitor Stand In Your Sydney, Melbourne, Or Brisbane Office. Find One Online At Elevar

Today’s modern worker can wear many different hats and needs to be as efficient as possible. Having the proper equipment is part of the solution. Elevar is a wholesale supplier of the latest adjustable workspace products designed to make workers more productive. Imagine a dual monitor stand in a Melbourne office space that can increase a worker’s capabilities. A more productive worker means a more productive company. Elevar has been operating for 15 years with offices in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and supplies the entire nation with quality workspace equipment in an effort to help companies invest in their most valuable resource – their people.

More Ergonomically Correct Workspace Solutions

Each year, employers lose from their bottom line because of workers who are unable to work. Too many workers use too many sick days as the result of their inefficient office spaces. For the most part, injuries and ailments occur because of the fact that people sit way too much during the course of a workday. Some people will sit for up to seven hours a day, every day. The effects are almost as bad as smoking regularly. Neck, back, and shoulder pains are all common complaints among workers who are seated for extended periods of time. Elevar has products that help alleviate many of those conditions.

Workers who are seated need to sit a certain way. Since no two people are alike, there is no perfect chair. An adjustable height chair from Elevar is the answer. A worker can set the perfect height where the elbows, knees, and hips are at 90 degrees. The feet need to be supported, as does the back. The head and shoulders should be upright. Elevar products can correct poor posture while working.

Set Your Dual Monitor Stand In Your Brisbane Office To The Correct Height

A business loses, on average, $4,000 for each employee that uses sick days because of neck pain. That loss increases to $11,000 per worker for back pain. Oftentimes, neck pain comes from poor positioning of a computer monitor screen. If using a dual monitor stand in your Sydney office, the stand should be set so that the top of the monitor is at forehead level. The screen should also be roughly an arm’s length from a worker. Whether standing or seated, a worker should have his or her head over the shoulders. This ensures that there is no leaning. Leaning to view a computer screen is what leads to neck problems.

Why Elevar Makes Sense

Numerous dealers have joined the Elevar network because of the company’s outstanding products. Occupational Health and Safety specialists recommend the company’s products to improve worker and overall productivity. An adjustable product from Elevar is a sound investment for any firm since it will pay for itself within a few months in the form of more productive workers.

The people at Elevar are very approachable and easy to work with. They go out of their way to make sure that the customer is always happy. That includes product demonstrations and even product trials, if needed. For more information about the dual monitor stand online and the rest of its product offering, visit Elevar online.

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