In Brisbane, Sydney, Or Melbourne, Find A Standing Desk Online At Elevar

Workers that sit for long periods of time day after day can develop serious musculoskeletal disorders. Neck, back, shoulder, and leg pain are common results among office workers who sit for several hours each day. There is research that supports that sitting for long periods each day is as deadly as smoking. Luckily, Elevar, a wholesale supplier of adjustable workspace products, makes items such as the standing desk for Sydney businesses.

While the Elevar brand is new, the company has been operating for 15 years now. It has been and is still on the cutting edge of ergonomically efficient equipment for the workplace. The company’s products are sold in Sydney, Melbourne, and the rest of the nation through a network of trusted dealers. With offices in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Elevar is the benchmark for adjustable spaces.

Health Problems And The Modern Worker

The typical modern worker sits for up to seven hours a day. Most often, he or she sits in a chair at an office space that is less than ergonomically efficient. Workers who sit most of the day should be in a position where their feet are stable and their elbows, knees, and hips all bend at 90 degrees. Their computer screen should be approximately an arm’s length away. The computer monitor screen should be situated so that its top is at roughly the same height as the user’s forehead. One of the leading causes of work-related neck pain is an employee who has to look up or down at a computer screen. Adjusting the screen to forehead level takes care of this problem.

Other problems associated with sitting improperly include back, shoulder, and leg pain. On average, a worker who misses work due to neck pain will cost an employer about $4,000 in sick days. Employees suffering from back ailments will cost their bosses $11,000 in sick days. The business is, of course, less productive, and that can affect the company’s bottom line.

How A Stand Up Desk In Melbourne Can Help

A stand up desk for Brisbane offices or offices anywhere can help to solve some of the associated health problems. Workers are encouraged to stand throughout their workday. It is much more ergonomically efficient and can reduce the number of work-related sick days taken by employees. This, of course, can have a great impact on the overall productivity of the company.

Just as a properly positioned computer monitor can make a difference, a stand up desk can make a huge difference on employee performance. Workers naturally use parts of their body in order to produce work. Standing while working can make a worker more comfortable. A more comfortable worker is one who can be more productive. Elevar products can do just that – make workers more comfortable and productive.

With a variety of products all recommended by the Occupational and Health Safety Specialists, Elevar is the choice for ergonomically efficient adjustable workspace equipment. With the best warranty on the market, customers cannot go wrong. Purchase a stand up desk online from Elevar today. Visit the site to purchase and to learn more about the company and its products.