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If you have stand up desks as part of your office’s commercial furniture setup, you are likely all too aware of the numerous benefits of having agile workstations, but many stop there. In addition to your height adjustable desk, which is a fabulous foundation, there are a lot of add-ons and accessories to explore to pimp your ergonomic setup and further support the health, comfort and productivity of your workforce. From anti-fatigue mats to new ways of decluttering your desk – accessories are a great way to make you and your team more productive.

In this article, we’ll check out some of the options available on the market, which can quickly provide further benefits to your existing stand up desk investment.

Support Your Posture: Anti-Fatigue Mats

The ultimate benefit of anti-fatigue mats is the reduction of stress on the body when standing, particularly to the knees and lower back. Made from rubber, the mats are able to absorb pressure, which is helpful if your workspace flooring is concrete or tiles. Even on carpeted floors, an anti-fatigue mat will provide needed cushioning. In workplaces such as factories, anti-fatigue mats can also act as anti-slip mats.

Height adjustable desks are shown to reduce fatigue (as sitting all day slows circulation and makes you feel sleepy) so by adding anti-fatigue mats to the mix, you are amplifying fatigue reduction and boosting overall productivity. Add to cart – right?

anti-fatigue matsKeep Floor Space Free: CPU Holder

One of the bulkiest items in offices, a CPU can easily be stowed out of the way by popping it in a CPU holder. This frees up floor space under and around workstations. Another benefit of integrating a CPU holder to your stand up desks is that it stops the unit from getting as dusty as it would do if it were sitting directly on the floor.

By using a flexible CPU holder, you can ensure that when the height adjustable desk is moving, the cables shift with it and have the right amount of room to accommodate various desk heights. The last thing you want is disconnection from the CPU when modifying your desk set-up.

If you need to install new hardware or check cables, it can also be handy to have a CPU holder that swivels, for easy access. Got a mini PC? There are mini CPU Holders that enable convenient and accessible reach by securing the mini PC under the desk, post mounted or in between a monitor arm and monitor using a mount and straps.

Ensure a Well-Lit Workstation: Desk Light

Quality workplace lightning is often overlooked, but addressing it can have significant impacts. Eye fatigue and headaches are common in workplaces with inadequate lighting, which can also lead to neck pain (we are looking at you overhead flickering fluro strip lighting)!! In addition to health concerns, poor lighting can also impact the overall mood of the workplace and have a detrimental impact on the productivity of teams.

Ideally, the best lighting for offices where computer work dominates is a range between 320-400 lux. If you have a tonne of natural light pouring in, fantastic, but if not, you’ll need to ensure your artificial lighting makes the grade.

good office lightingGet Screens to the Optimum Height: Monitor Arms

Working across multiple monitors is commonplace in many work environments. Establishing the optimum position for your monitor is as important as getting the height-adjustable desk settings right. The market now carries a wide range of options for single and dual monitor arms, with heavy-duty and lightweight fittings to attach directly to the desktop, or wall mounting if desired.

Declutter Your Desktop: Document Holder

For those who have paper-based documents still lurking about, a document holder can quickly free up desk space, and support your neck, spine and eyes. Particularly helpful if you have to touch type from an existing document, a holder can support your productivity. Pop a document holder onto your desktop and clip your papers in, then flex the gooseneck to your desired position. Easy.

Empowering You to Create Considered and Adaptable Work Environments

Adding accessories to your stand up desk setup is a quick, affordable and simple way to amplify the existing benefits of ergonomic workstations. Any combination of the options covered in this article will provide added well-being and productivity outputs.

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