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These days office floor space can come with a premium price tag. In order to maximise square metres it pays to ensure that your commercial office furniture is adaptable so you can increase the flexibility of your overall workplace. Investing in pieces like an adaptable meeting table can give organisations a wide range of benefits that can revolutionise business settings, from public co-working spaces and small private offices to large scale enterprises with multiple locations.

Now more than ever, businesses need to take advantage of contemporary solutions that increase adaptability and flexibility of their work environment. 

The top 5 benefits of adaptable meeting tables:

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Transform your space with ease

Gone are the days of anyone needing to break a sweat re-arranging meeting room furniture. 

When it comes to meeting tables, the latest offerings on the commercial furniture market feature everything you need to shift the bulk without breaking your back or needing half the team to get involved. Hallelujah!

Adaptable meeting tables can offer the following benefits to transform your space with ease:

A foldable meeting table is easy to store

Folding meeting tables make it much easier to transport office furniture solo and are a huge benefit to any office with limited storage space. 

A foldable and highly functional storage arrangement is offered by products such as the Marco folding table. This option has multiple frames that nest together with a low profile footprint. 

Once folded, the tables don’t take up a huge amount of room and still look neat and easy on the eye; not an unsightly pile of awkwardly stacked tables in the corner.

An office table on wheels is easy to reconfigure

The best products on the meeting table market have wheels to make it super easy to move them about a space as needed. Better still are meeting tables with locking and non-locking castors, which enable the table to glide across the floor in whichever direction you need to move them.

A height adjustable meeting table for any setting

Height adjustable meeting tables can move between maximum and minimum height quickly and with ease. This can enable you to hold standing meetings (more on this in a moment) but it can also allow for various team member needs to be met, including accessibility requirements.

There’s nothing stopping you from having a combination of standing and sitting meeting table heights either. Whatever suits the prerequisites of the meeting space and attendees.

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Speedy adaptation to multiple needs 

Using an adaptable commercial meeting table enables you to transform your office into a dynamic workspace that can accommodate any number of purposes:

The office table range from Elevar offers options for meeting and breakout tables that have the ability to change any style of frame to standing height, sitting height or coffee table and can be used anywhere throughout the workplace design.

A great example of versatility is the Marco meeting table. This product can accommodate power and data boxes and are an ideal solution for any office meeting room. 

It’s one size fits all design also means you will be able to get this product into your workspace in a far shorter lead time than most other frames on the market. 

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How an office table can support collaboration, health and productivity

Now that people are returning to office spaces post extended lockdowns and working from home it is time to consider how teams collaborate. 

This isn’t to say Zoom meetings will be no longer, but more about adapting to hybrid approaches where teams can run meetings that include both those working remotely and anyone in-house. Collaboration, health and productivity can be positively supported and increased by thoughtful workplace design.

One approach is by integrating adaptable office meeting tables into the workplace. 

Reason 1: Standing meetings

It is well documented that the majority of working adults spend too much time sitting down. It’s no surprise that this is particularly true of office workers. 

The health and productivity benefits of standing desks are clear and while many businesses are integrating sit stand workstations, the same is also possible for meeting tables.

Instead of having everyone seated, why not adjust your meeting tables to standing height? By removing the office chairs for meetings there will also be more space.

Reason 2: Increase meeting productivity

By setting the scene with well selected ergonomic office furniture you can impact the productivity of meetings. Increased blood flow, boosted creativity and higher attention rates are just some of the benefits of having standing meetings. This is particularly helpful when teams are back in the office after some time away and readjusting to onsite collaboration. 

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Save time and money with the right meeting tables

It is possible to entirely remove or at least reduce the need to hire external facilities for meetings, training and events by being empowered to transform your existing workspace to suit requirements.

Save the time and money used trying to source external spaces by creating it yourself in-house and be proud to invite clients and external stakeholders into your workspace.

Taking this approach could also create an additional revenue stream for your business if you have the space and modular commercial furniture to hire out areas for training, meetings and events at times that your own organisation doesn’t require it.

Modern look and feel

First impressions count and what better way to make them positive for both in-house teams and external clients and visitors by fitting out a workplace with clean, contemporary office furniture? Doing so demonstrates commitment to enhancing workplace wellbeing and places the business in the current age.

Customised design

Many contemporary meeting table products are available in a range of finishes and with additional lead time custom powder coat finishes can be included to match existing workplace design palettes.

In terms of table tops, multiple dimensions are available to suit the needs of the workspace size and telescopic beams make ‘one size fits all’ if you ever want to change the overhang on the table. 

Upgrade workstations to match

If you’re setting up a new overall workspace design, or are interested in upgrading existing office furniture, it is also worth considering matching your meeting tables with equally flexible and adaptable workstations. The numerous benefits of sit stand desks can’t be ignored and will further support the health and wellbeing of employees.

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Adaptable meeting table summary

Don’t limit the possibilities of your workspace with inflexible office furniture that can’t adapt to your business needs.

If you want to maximise the ways in which your office floor space can be utilised, adaptable meeting tables are a sound business investment and will enable you and your team to create more space with ease and quickly transform your place of work for multiple uses.

At Elevar we are raising the standard in Australian commercial furniture by providing high quality products that are:

We are committed to ensuring our customers have access to the latest in commercial workplace products, underlined with expert support and timely delivery. Contact the team today to discuss your workplace design needs.