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Find The Perfect Computer Monitor Stand Online At Elevar For Your Brisbane, Melbourne, Or Sydney Office

It is no secret that long hours spent sitting at a desk and staring at a computer are having negative effects on workers across Australia. The results of sitting for seven hours a day are nearly as bad as those …read more.

Need A Computer Stand For Your Brisbane, Sydney, Or Melbourne Office? Go Online To Elevar

Industry studies show that more and more workers are using sick days because issues such as neck and back pain. Much of this pain can be attributed to the modern office. Workers remain seated for long periods, often up to …read more.

Elevar Makes The Perfect CPU Holder for Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney Businesses. Visit The Company Online Today

The need for more efficient workspace equipment continues to rise as more and more workers use sick days because of neck and back pain. Elevar is on the cutting edge of ergonomic workspace products such as …read more.

Be More Efficient With A Dual Monitor Stand In Your Sydney, Melbourne, Or Brisbane Office. Find One Online At Elevar

Today‚Äôs modern worker can wear many different hats and needs to be as efficient as possible. Having the proper equipment is part of the solution. Elevar is a wholesale supplier of the latest adjustable workspace …read more.

Find A Height Adjustable Desk Online At Elevar For Use In Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane Offices

Businesses looking to invest in their workers should consider investing in state of the art workspace equipment from Elevar. The company is a wholesale supplier of the most modern adjustable workspace products, such as a height …read more.

Purchase A Stand Up Desk Online At Elevar For Your Melbourne, Brisbane, Or Sydney Workspace

The average worker in an office environment sits for six, seven, or even eight hours a day. While it may not seem like a big deal, sitting for long periods over an extended period of time can lead to serious …read more.

Find Your Adjustable Monitor Arm Online For Your Sydney, Melbourne, Or Brisbane Office

Something as simple as a new adjustable monitor arm in a Sydney office could make all the difference to a small business. The number of work-related ailments related to poor ergonomics has been soaring in recent years. Businesses are losing …read more.

Buy A Monitor Stand Online At Elevar For Your Brisbane, Melbourne, Or Sydney Office Space

If a new monitor stand in a Sydney office could improve the productivity of your workers, would you be interested? An adjustable monitor stand can put a worker in a more ergonomically correct position and alleviate …read more.

A Sit-Stand Desk Online From Elevar Can Help Brisbane, Melbourne, And Sydney Businesses

The sit-stand desk can help alleviate many of the musculoskeletal problems that office workers acquire from sitting for long periods. The modern office worker can sit for seven hours or more each and every day. Research shows that …read more.

In Brisbane, Sydney, Or Melbourne, Find A Standing Desk Online At Elevar

Workers that sit for long periods of time day after day can develop serious musculoskeletal disorders. Neck, back, shoulder, and leg pain are common results among office workers who sit for several hours each day. There is research that …read more.

EON Workstation System EON Workstation System The new Elevar EON Workstation System incorporates the existing legs of the Elevar range with the ability to upgrade to a different set in the future. Select from Fixed, Fast Crank, Two-Stage Electric, or Three-Stage Electric leg sets to suit any layout or budget. read more >>
Primo Electric Adjustable Desks Primo Electric Adjustable Desks The electric adjustable desks from Elevar can promote a more balanced and healthy lifestyle for your workplace. You can trust the reliability and quality of our products as We are one of the few companies of our kind that is certified by the AFRDI. read more >>
Primo Fast Crank Adjustable Desks Primo Fast Crank Adjustable Desks Crank+ manual adjustable desks go higher and faster than most other manual adjustable desks. Fast and functional, the Crank+ allows users to have the flexibility of fast height adjustment without the need for electricity. read more >>
QuickShift / MaxiShift QuickShift / MaxiShift QuickShift and MaxiShift sit-to- stand desks give you an adjustable, adaptable and affordable solution to the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Each product can easily be added into an existing workplace environment in order to help you increase your energy, reduce fatigue, and avoid injuries. read more >>
Arms Arms Our adjustable monitor arms are among the most popular products we provide. Elevar offers a range of arms to suit varying ergonomic functions, workplace aesthetics and project budgets. read more >>
CPU CPU A space saving and safe method of protecting your computer hardware. read more >>
Accessories Accessories A range of useful and helpful accessories to compliment your sit to stand environment. read more >>
Marco Meeting Tables Marco Meeting Tables Marco Meeting is the latest range of meeting tables from Elevar. With a stylish "one size fits all" philosophy, the Marco Meeting is easy to install and provides a professional finish at a good price. read more >>
Marco Folding Tables Marco Folding Tables A folding table base with a difference! With a telescopic beam and non-angled feet, the Marco Folding bases allow room for all people seated at the table. read more >>