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It wasn’t all that long ago when every workstation central processing unit (CPU) was either shoved untidily to the back corner of the desk, or worse still, lumped on the floor under the desk – out of sight and hard to reach when needed most.

Over time, employees and business owners realised the impracticality, especially when something needed fixing or cleaning. Most viewed it as a part of office life that was totally untidy, clumsy and even dirty.

But time brings change for the better! With office ergonomics top of mind, commercial CPU holders bear a mention. Commercial CPU holders suspend your hard-drives neatly from the underside of the desktop, or on top of your adjustable height tables. They even come in small, medium and large sizes, and can adapt in a multitude of office settings.


Top 5 Benefits of Using CPU Holders

Regardless of the type of desk system your office uses, the list of benefits gained from using CPU holders is extensive. Here’s just 5 of them:


Benefit #1 – Eliminate Floor and Desk Clutter

Clutter has always been a serious office issue. Every employee has a different dynamic when organising a workspace. We’ve all worked with some people that are super tidy and others who are messy beyond belief (…we know who you are Carole! 🙂 ).

So, that’s where CPU holders become unifying in their effect! Suddenly, the slovenly join the ranks of the organised and every desk looks about as tidy as the next. This clutter-killer:


Benefit #2 – Cleaning Becomes Simplified and More Thorough

Computer hardware and its associated tangled web of cables and wires has always been the bane of commercial cleaners. It is really difficult to work around, and near-impossible to clean properly as lots of static is generated and dust clings to the cables.

I’s bad enough on desktops, but much worse on the floor. This is where the benefits of CPU holders really kick in.

A cleaner and dust-free workspace is undoubtedly a healthier working environment for your staff. For cleaning staff and their duties:

For offices with many desks, CPU holders help prevent damage to computers during office cleaning, as they are raised up from the ground.

CPU Holder Supplier Australia


Benefit #3 – Protect the Integrity of Your Office Equipment

Business owners tend to forget the importance of data. Protecting your data really is paramount, so why put your CPU at risk of damage?

A quality commercial CPU holder:

Many under-desk CPU holders suspend from the underside of the table top, using a rotating function allowing it to slide out and swivel for operator access to all sides.

Carpeted offices love gathering dust and hair on the floor. If your CPU still sits on a carpeted floor, this dust and hair can make its way inside the housing and affect the hardware.

On height-adjustable desks, the CPU holder keeps cables grouped properly so nothing unplugs as the table rises and lowers.


Benefit #4 – Maximise Employee Health and Safety

Hard drives are often heavy. It’s impossible to count how many business owners and office managers have told us a story of an employee hurting their back when shifting a CPU.

The CPU holder all but eliminates this danger:

No more tripping over cables, and pulling your back muscles reaching for a wire. Power and data sockets are always within easy reach.

Many CPUs can swivel a full 360°, so forget about crawling about on the floor or craning to the back end of the desk when installing new hardware or plugging in cables.

Whether seated or standing, you can now reach everything easily from your working position.


Benefit #5 – Create a More Sensible Use of Office Space

CPU holders are not just a way to physically clear what would otherwise be messy space. When staff are using a tidily-housed CPU and all its wiring, you create a much more positive work environment.

‘Workstation ergonomics’ isn’t the mere buzz-phrase it used to be. It has actually changed the way we work at our desks (shifting between sitting and standing, hot desks, fluid floor plans etc).

Today, there is so much added movement of furniture. So, without a CPU holder you have an enormous challenge to manage and operate:

Using a CPU holder also gives your IT manager a break when it comes to adding in new hardware to the office setup. No more crawling around on your hands and knees hunting for the inlet point you need.

Manage Your Commercial Office with CPU Holder


Australia’s Leading Supplier of CPU Holders

Any commercial office that isn’t using CPU holders is doing itself a disservice. From creating additional office space, to enhanced employee safety and easy cleaning, the benefits keep compounding.

If nothing else – the neat and tidy aesthetic gained from CPU holders really does speak for itself.

Elevar is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of CPU holders. We supply workstations and workstation accessories to commercial offices across Australia. If you are looking to enhance your office space and start implementing CPU holders into your setup, speak to one of our expert team members today.

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