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Ergotron Standing Desk Converters

Move forward with a new standard and transform your office desk with Ergotron’s thoughtfully designed, ergonomic standing desk converters. Ergotron’s desktop units sit on top of your current office desk or table and convert it into a fully adjustable standing desk.

This is why Elevar has partnered with Ergotron Australia – a leading movement company with a passion for creating active office work spaces.

Benefits of a Standing Desk Converter:

By partnering with Elevar for your wholesale ergonomic furniture requirements, you’ll have direct access to Ergotron’s modern stand-up desk converters. You have the freedom to choose and find the best ones to fit your needs, and regardless of which options you choose, you’ll have a range of benefits including:

Elevar Maxishift Workstation Module supplier Australia
Elevar MaxiShift Stand Module – Desktop Converter

1. Increased productivity
2. Healthy workspace
3. Encourages teamwork
4. Portable solutions
5. Sleek aesthetics
6. Cost-effective
7. Ability to reuse old desks

If you like to know more about these options, here’s everything you’ll need to know.

Ergotron Desktop Converters

The brand that comes to mind when people think of modern ergonomic solutions is Ergotron. Their innovative sit stand desks and standing desk converters look great, are high quality, and are challenging conventional workspaces.  A must-have for a dynamic, busy workspace.

There’s lots to like about Ergotron’s Workfit Stand Modules and JUV Sit-Stand Modules. They each have their benefits, with all of them dedicated to helping people easily switch between sitting and standing. As well as this, most models give you the option to adjust the keyboard and tilt the monitor to desired focal points so you and your team can work in comfort. 

Here’s an overview at each of the individual Ergotron sit stand desk converters:

Ergotron Workfit TL Stand Module

One of our favourite things about this adjustable standing desk converter is that it can be placed on top of any desk, and with the keyboard tray can also fit really well on corner desks.

Other Benefits of the Workfit TL Stand Module Include:

Even when there’s a dual monitor mount – with this weight capacity, it still manages to raise straight up and down effortlessly and transform your desktop into a standing desk with ease.

Stand up desk converter
The Low Profile Ergotron Workfit TX Standing Desk Converters

Ergotron Workfit TX Stand Module

The Workfit TX Module has similar robust engineering making it durable enough to carry up to two monitors as well. That’s a sum of up to 40 lbs of a 30-inch screen each. All you have to do is set it up with an easy installation dual monitor kit that you can purchase separately.

What makes the Ergotron Workfit TX Stand Module different is it’s intelligent X-shape lift mechanism that allows this desktop convertor to sit closer to your desk than most convertors. It also has an independently adjustable back-tilting tray that allows you to keep an ideal spacing between the keyboard to the screen.

With it’s extremely low-profile, stylish design – it leaves a feel-good vibe right up to the last working hours of the day. As with most of the Ergotron standing desk converters, the TX Stand takes only minutes to set up because it’s pre-assembled with no special tools required.

Ergotron Workfit Corner Standing Desk Converter

Whilst the the design of the Ergotron Workfit TL Stand Module works well in corner desks, this Ergotron desktop convertor is specifically made to fit into a 90° corner. This standing desk converter is designed to maximise every possible piece of real estate when it comes to corner desks.

Sit-Stand Corner Desk Converters Australia

Benefits of the Workfit Corner Desk Converter:

The design allows the keyboard to have an ergonomic spacing with the monitor. This keyboard is larger than any other Workfit module keyboard tray, meaning you and your team will have plenty of room.

If you want to maximise your office space, you’ll definitely want to ensure you have a few of these.

Ergotron JŪV Sit-Stand Module

ergotron sit stand desk, wholesale stand up desk supplier
The Ergotron Jūv Sit Stand Module converts walls to stand up desks

If you want to maximise your space further, the Ergotron JUV desk converter allows you to convert your walls into sit and stand desks as well.

This module is stylish enough to blend aesthetically with your workspace environment. A height-adjustable foldable work tray is all you need to boost your productivity, eliminating the strains brought by prolonged sitting at work.

The JŪV stand module encourages more movement. Its simple mechanism conceals an organised cable and power management system that won’t compromise aesthetics.

With an adjustable BIFMA certified work table, even without floor support, it still can hold the weight of two monitors of up to 40 lbs.

Elevar MaxiShift Stand Module

With extensive experience in wholesale workspace furniture, Elevar has adapted the ideal placement of screens and keyboards from leading players such as Ergotron to create our very own standing desk converter – the MaxiShift Desk Converter.

Benefits of the Elevar Maxishift Desk Converter: 

We take pride in our MaxiShift standing desk converter as an alternative to Ergotron’s models as it to can be used and enjoyed by people in a range of work spaces with almost any any screen configuration.


As you can see, it’s clear why Ergotron are the leader when it comes to providing ergonomic solutions for offices. The intelligent engineering put in their standing desk converters allow teams to quickly and easily work they way they want to work.

At Elevar, we bring the latest in Ergotron’s stand up desk converters to you and your clients. Designers, retailers and commercial offices across Australia partner with us to provide them with the best in adaptable office furniture. At Elevar, we have an ergonomic solution to help you make the most of your workspace with our workstations and standing desk convters. Get in touch with our expert team to help you find the right solutions for you.