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Electric vs. Manual Standing Desks – Which Is Your Perfect Fit?

Adjustable Ergonomic desk workstation Vision two motor leg supplier Australia

Both electric and manual standing desks have one aim in common – to make working more comfortable and productive for the user. Generally speaking, when it comes to choosing the right adjustable desk for your office set-up, it often comes down to personal preference. However, there are a couple of key factors to consider when […]

How Long Should You Stand at Your Sit Stand Desk?

sit stand desk

By now you’ve probably heard about, or discovered for yourself, the many benefits of ergonomic furniture in your work environment. For the most part, we’re talking about a sit stand desk, which can be quickly adjusted to suit the requirements of the user and are popular with home office setups and commercial work environments, including […]

Ergotron Monitor Arms and Desk Converters

height adjustable desk wholesaler

For 40 years Ergotron has been innovating and manufacturing products that positively influence how people work. It started with the company founder playing around with the idea of a computer stand that could tilt and swivel to help improve the posture of the user – and that was back in 1982. Today, Ergotron supports a […]

Best Ergotron Desktop Converters

Ergotron standing desk converter

The top player for modern ergonomic solutions is Ergotron. Their innovative stand-up desks and converters are high quality and are challenging conventional workspaces. A must-have for a busy workspace.