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It makes complete sense that any business owner or office manager would be looking at ways to save money on a new workplace set up, or on the upgrade of commercial office furniture. Yet, like anything, you get what you pay for and compromising on workplace design and products can backfire in the long run. 

While it can be initially appealing on the business bottom line to purchase a ‘bargain’, the longer term reality is that more times than not, it is wiser to invest in quality, particularly for items in high-use zones such as office spaces.

We’ve rounded up some of the reasons you should consider a high quality sit stand desk, as opposed to a cheaper substitute:

Reason # 1: Safety and Performance

With multiple team members using sit-stand desks, particularly in workplaces that have adopted hot desking, or co-working spaces, the safety and performance of these commercial office products is vital.

Here are a few considerations on the safety and performance front to keep in mind when selecting sit-stand desks:

Desk stability 

When sitting or standing at your adjustable work desk, the stability is paramount. Once adjusted (manually or electronically) your desk should be stable and secure. You want to trust that your computer monitor or any other equipment on the desktop is going to be steady and safe and that you aren’t going to have to deal with an off-centre desk that tilts or doesn’t hold securely in it’s height setting. 

In many cases, cheap sit stand desks are not entirely stable when they are in the standing height settings. This is mainly due to lower quality components and fixtures and the construction being quick and cheap. 

Quality of electronic components

If you’re looking to purchase an electric standing desk and you’ve got your eye on a cheaper model, it would be safe to bet that the electronics used will not be top end. Low grade electronics in both the power supply and the general functions of the electric adjustable desk will most likely lead to poor and inconsistent performance. Sub standard electric components won’t hold up long term in a high-traffic environment.

Ease of adjustment

Whether it’s a manual crank standing desk or an electronic adjustable product, it’s important that whoever is using the desk can easily and safely adjust it to suit their needs. 

High quality stand up desks can offer contactless adjustment and telescopic beam control. Other models provide the option for pre-programmed user settings and minimum and maximum height restriction settings for any under or above desk obstructions. Many high quality electric sit-stand desks will also include the Intelligent System Protection (ISP), which ensures the desk won’t ‘rebound’ in the event of a collision. 

Cheap sit-stand desks are unlikely to include quality safety measures and have a tendency to take longer to adjust. They don’t tend to include the higher specification fixtures, such as glides, that enable quiet, smooth, consistent and easy transitions between settings.

Quality Sit Stand Desks Australia

Reason # 2: Product Longevity

It goes without saying that cheaper sit-stand desks are more likely to have a shorter life span than a higher quality and ultimately more sustainable product. 

The quality of the motor (in electric models) and glide systems to the surface finishes and gear components will dictate the product longevity and in cheaper sit-stand desks, these elements are all lower end to enable the manufacturer to be able to sell them at a much lower cost, while still ensuring they make a decent profit. 

By spending more on a higher quality sit-stand desk from the outset, you will be ensuring a longer period of lifespan and as we are about to see, a decent warranty should also come with it. 

Reason # 3: Product Warranty

A quality warranty on any product or service is a demonstration of the manufacturers confidence in their offering. If the company you are purchasing from doesn’t back their products with decent warranty coverage, why should you trust in what they are selling?

If the warranty for your sit and stand desk is only for a year or two, it is likely to not be a great deal. Check what access you will have to replacement parts should you need them beyond the warranty period and get an idea of what repairs would cost you. 

Elevar offers a comprehensive 10 year warranty on both manual crank and electric adjustable sit-stand work desks within their range. Warranty covers frame, motor and electrical components of products such as the Vision Two motor electric adjustable desk and manual adjustable sit stand desks such as the Eon crank+ manual model. 

Cheap Sit Stand Desk

So, Is It Worth Getting Cheap Sit Stand Desks?

By selecting cheap sit-stand desks you will quite likely run into safety and product performance issues down the line and then possibly not have warranty coverage for replacement or repair of your purchase. This can ultimately result in your having to pay for a new desk, which could end up costing you more in total than a high quality option from the outset.

Take the time to research sit-stand desk options and make a sustainable choice for the workplace you are designing for.

Quality Commercial Furniture Australia

At Elevar, we provide quality workstations and accessories across Australia, with years of design and development having been dedicated to our product range to enable a reliable, high quality offering. Our range is easy to install, user friendly and solutions based and we are committed to ensuring you have access to the latest commercial workplace products, along with expert support and timely delivery.

Raise the standard in your commercial furniture by contacting the team at Elevar to discuss your requirements.

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