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Desktop Converters vs. Height Adjustable Desk: Which Stands Up As the Best?

Have you recently decided to switch out your desks, to standing workstations? The shift to flexible, more comfortable and ergonomic office spaces has become increasingly prevalent across office environments of all shapes and sizes. Many commercial offices in Australia have already transformed to fit more ergonomic office fittings and furniture like desktop converters and height adjustable desks.

While the decision to switch from a traditional office desk to a sit-to-stand one might have come quite easily, the choice between desktop converters and height adjustable desks may prove to be more difficult.

So, how do you choose between the two? If you want to make an informed decision, we may be able to help! We’re going to show you what they both are, and outline the pros and cons for each, so you can make an informed decision for your next commercial office fitout.

What Is a Desktop Converter?

A desktop converter turns an existing desktop or work surface into a standing desk. It can be manually or electronically lowered or folded (for sitting) and raised or unfolded (for standing). Working on a folded or lowered desktop converter should be as close to, or if not exactly the same as if you’re working on a regular desktop.

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The Benefits of Desktop Converter

You won’t have to spend that much

Desktop converters are much smaller than full standing desks, so they’re generally cheaper in comparison. You can switch to sit-stand with a smaller budget with the help of a desktop converter.

You might not have to throw your desks or tables away

You just need a strong, sturdy, and stable enough desktop to accommodate a desktop converter. Otherwise, the ergonomic benefits of the desktop converter can be completely lost.

You won’t need too much space and time

Desktop converters can be used straight out of the box. You won’t need to allow that much time on fitting them or understanding how they work. Some of your employees may even be able to set theirs up on their own.

If you have corner spaces you want to use, there are desktop converters like the Ergotron WorkFit-Corner Stand Module that can even fit double monitors on right-angle corners, allowing you to maximise the utilisation of your office space.

The Drawbacks of Desktop Converter

Not all desktops can be converted

Desktop converters, even the electronic ones, are usually light, but you still need to take the weight into account. If your desktops can’t accommodate the converters, you may decide on going with a complete standing desk setup, or buy a sturdier desk to put the desktop convertor on. Of course, both alternatives will be a little more expensive.

Not all desktop converters offer ergonomic benefits

Many desktop converters have keyboard trays that allow users to work while standing. However, not all of them have stable, ergonomic keyboard trays.

One exception is the Elevar Maxishift Stand Module. This desktop converter works via manual and electronic lift, and has an adjustable keyboard tray that can be adjusted up or down, and moved forward and backward. This ergonomic feature allows the user to comfortably type at a height and distance that is comfortable at both sit and standing positions.

What Is a Height Adjustable Desk?

A height adjustable desk may also be known as a full sit-stand desk, a standing desk, or a sit to stand desk or workstation. Some may be fully adjustable in terms of height, while some have pre-set or even programmable heights. Most of these workstations are automatic, and are adjustable with a push of a button. Otherwise, they’ll be manually operated with an easy to use crank.

The Benefits of a Height Adjustable Desk

Make better use of your commercial office space

Sure, standing desks may be bigger than desktop converters, but having a desktop converter still requires you to have a bulkier desk or table for it to sit on. Many standing desks are minimalistic in their design with little space required for the electronic or manual lifts, allowing you to maximise the space above and below the desk.

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You can have custom desks built

There are definitely more choices when it comes to full standing desks than desktop converters. One desktop converter transforms one desktop, but a full sit-stand workstation offers so much more.

Just look at the EON Workstation System. This full workstation can have as many as three different desks connected to a single bracket. All desks are fully adjustable, and every desk can easily hold dual monitors. Elevar offers customised solutions for their workstations on any budget and office layout too.

You can enjoy better ergonomic benefits

While there are definitely desktop converters that are ergonomically designed, their ergonomic benefits can sometimes depend on the existing desktop that they’re sitting on. Standing desks offer more stability. They’re also usually adjusted electronically, which offers additional benefits.

Take for example the Vision Two Motor Electric Adjustable Desk. It has a motorized lift, comes with safety adjustment precautions, and its height settings can be programmable. If it ever comes into contact with an obstruction during adjustment, it uses a safety feature that causes the desk to rebound and prevent possible damage. It also has a desk lock setting so users can’t accidentally adjust the desk’s height whilst working.

The Drawbacks of a Height Adjustable Desk

They need some planning and assembling

You need to plan ahead for the arrival of your sit-stand workstations. Assembly of one workstation can take at least an hour, and it’s probably not the best idea to leave assembly to someone in the office. This big of a change in terms of office furniture may also ask for some renovation to the office environment. 

If your commercial office space is already fitted with desks, you might also need to dispose of them to make room for your new office workstations. Although, if you want to keep your company office environmentally friendly, you could always donate them or sell them.

They are much more expensive

Since we’re talking about full workstations here, it’s understandable that they’d be more expensive. But since flexible offices and standing workstations are getting more commonplace in Australia, it’s becoming easier to find amazing standing desk and workstation options from companies that offer customised solutions.

An example of this is the EON Crank+ Manual Desk. It offers the much needed stability of an ergonomic standing desk, but it doesn’t cost as much as a standing desk that has a motorized lift.

Choosing Elevar as Your Sit-Stand Desk Supplier

Desktop converters and height adjustable desks both have benefits and drawbacks. If you’re torn between the two, just consider your budget, office space, and time needed for assembly and possible renovations. 

If you have more specific needs, Elevar can help provide customised solutions for desktop converters, height adjustable desks, and other office furniture customised to fit your company’s brand and vision.