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Ergonomic commercial office furniture supports workplaces by offering opportunities for increased employee well-being, boosted productivity rates and adaptable environments. Electric standing desks are a popular choice, boasting many benefits. They are increasingly being researched and purchased by designers and office managers alike. At Elevar, we empower those creating workplace environments with solutions that are well-considered, user friendly and adaptable. User experience is at the core of our electric desk range. We have numerous options across our products to customise settings to suit individual requirements.

To aid your electric desk research, we’ve rounded up five features to keep in mind as you consider the options.


Feature #1: Quality Manufacturing and Warranty to Back It

While a cheaper model of electric standing desk may appeal when costing the fit out of a commercial office space, it is important to consider the quality of the products. This includes the longer-term lifespan and safety. Be sure to check how comprehensive the product warranty is too. The longer the better as it shows the creator and distributor have confidence in the manufacturing.


Feature #2: Flexible Adjustable Electric Desk Options

Whether you’re planning a commercial workplace for hot desking or designing the fit-out for a public co-working space, flexible adjustment options with your electric desk are ideal.

Many models enable pre-programmed minimum and maximum heights, along with personalised adjustment settings for multiple users. This can save a great deal of time for individuals switching between sitting and standing at the same desk. It can also help when switching between workstations and when you need to adjust settings quickly.

At Elevar we offer wholesale distribution of quality workstations that include electric desks with flexible adjustment options, including:

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Feature #3: Designed to Suit Any Workplace Layout

Maximising the real estate of your floor plan efficiently and effectively is paramount. It can be achieved almost effortlessly with the right selection of commercial office furniture.

Use corners and more restricted areas of the workplace by incorporating an electric desk in a 90°, 120°, or 180° configuration.

Electric desks that can be configured to work in any space layout, with ongoing options to be able to adjust the set-up if requirements change, are a solid investment. Selecting workstations that are easy to move also supports flexibility. This is useful when the workspace is needed for other purposes, such as training, workshops or events.


Feature #4: Safety Considerations

Be sure to investigate the product specifications to gauge the safety features of the sit-stand desk you wish to purchase for your commercial project. With electric standing desks in particular, it’s important to note the control features and speeds.

Additional safety features, such as collision control, adjustable sensitivity and desk lock are all ideal. As is an overheat cut-out switch, especially in high-use settings. It’s also a good idea to select an adjustable desk that can easily integrate supporting products, such as cable trays. This helps with cable management for an organised and safer workstation.

As mentioned earlier, comprehensive product warranties are also a feature to be mindful of in terms of safety. By having a decent warranty behind you, any unforeseen manufacturing issues can be quickly resolved with a replacement of the part or entire product if required.


Feature #5: Responsive Customer Support

It is vital that the wholesale commercial office furniture supplier you engage with offers more than just an online transaction process. Go for those that offer expert support and timely delivery. They should also have detailed installation documentation and phone support.

At Elevar, we are raising the Australian standard in the commercial office market with high-quality customer support and a solutions-based, user-friendly range of workstations.

When you purchase an electric desk, you want to have peace of mind that you can easily communicate with the supplier should you run into any challenges. We offer prompt phone support, and supporting guidelines, as well as alternative products such as desk converters to complement your fit out.

electric desk wholesaler, MelbourneIntegrate Electric Desks Into Your Next Project

Offering the latest in electric sit-stand desk technology, we are proud to provide those designing, outfitting and managing commercial spaces with quality adjustable desk solutions. From contactless height adjustment to personalised precautions, our products promote workplace well-being and come with comprehensive warranties.

We are committed to ensuring our customers have access to the latest in commercial workplace products. Contact our experienced team to discover the most beneficial solutions for your commercial space.

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