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See How You Can Incorporate Adjustable Desks To Create Your Best Ergonomic Workspace Design

There is so much more to designing office space nowadays than any other time to date. Besides the fact that there are so many elements that affect productivity – the colours in a workspace, the amount of natural light, ambient sound, desk clutter, and of course, the monitor, keyboard, desk, chair, and foot space available to the user, (phew!) we now have physical distancing guidelines to adhere to.

Having a versatile office space that can be moved around and is ergonomically designed is becoming an increasingly important goal for office design. High quality, modular, movable office equipment is our answer to this.

Employers are still demanding ergonomic desks, adjustable desks, or electric sit stand desks for their employees. As well as this, we now need to consider being further apart from each other which goes against recent flexible working trends and office designs which has been more focused on maximising the amount of people that can be located in one space. When you need to consider all these elements, designing an office space or attempting to stock a full range of products so customers can have what they need at their fingertips can become somewhat confusing or frustrating.

Australia’s Leading Ergonomic Office Furniture Wholesaler

Elevar are wholesale office furniture suppliers with a full range of user friendly, easy to install ergonomic office furniture products that are human-centred, modular, and solutions-based. Our goal is to ensure that all of your office design goals are met, from the boardroom to the breakout area, to the home office.

Ergonomic Desks

Ergonomic Desks are generally front and centre when discussing office design. However, these aren’t always the most economical solution. Our range of adjustable desktop converters come in multiple designs, with specific designs available for corner spaces and large or very small desks specifically. As we stock standing desktop converters that can be moved from desk to desk, it means social distancing guidelines can be easily met within the office space.

Adjustable Desktop Converter

If your needs are an electric sit to stand desk and not simply a standing desktop converter, we are more than able to meet those needs. Even in a post-COVID world, some things don’t change. If you need to stock permanent office design solutions, Elevar provides some of the highest-quality ergonomically-minded sit to stand desks currently on the market. Paired with basic to fully adjustable monitor arms,  the optimal ergonomic standard will be met for every office.

Whilst this is a diverse range of products, as you can see, Elevar can be a one stop wholesaler for all your ergonomic furniture needs.

Ergonomic Office Furniture Accessories

Next on the list to meet all your ergonomic office furniture needs are accessories. These can include CPU holders, anti-fatigue mats, and desk lights which help turn a workstation from ‘good’, to ‘great.

When looking at the following infographic, there are so many variables to consider (not that we need to remind you). When designing an office, or stocking products for your retail space for optimal office design, you can’t forget anything, no matter how small.

How to setup your office desk for ergonomics
Image Credit: Zapier

Anti-fatigue mats are a definite must for those office spaces that are equipped with sit to stand desks as well as standing desktop converters. Anti-fatigue mats have been shown to be an important part of employee productivity as shock absorption, and reduction of pain and fatigue in lower limbs contributes just as much to ergonomics as optimal sitting position.

Electric Adjustable Desks and Workstation Systems

If you’re fitting out larger workspaces, all-in-one ergonomic workstation systems are available as well. The Elevar EON workstation system is a versatile range of fixed, crank, and electric adjustable desks. The Elevar EON electric range has been tried and tested and can frequently be found in Government, Corporate, Health, and Education office design. Along with the solid construction, the AFRDI Blue Tick certification definitely helps in the popularity of the Elevar EON Line.

Every component of the Elevar EON range of Workstations are completely adjustable, with the option to upgrade to different leg sets if needed. The features of these EON workstations include telescopic cable trays and adjustable screen brackets to suit almost any workstation configuration. This workstation system comes in black or white, as well as silver on special order, features a comprehensive ten-year warranty, and suits any design objective, as it is fully adjustable. As we are well aware, these days changing workspace needs are at the forefront of office design needs.

Ergotron Adjustable Desks

The Latest In Electric Adjustable Workstations

In addition to the EON Range of workstations, the Elevar Vision workstation system is the latest and most technically advanced electric adjustable desk on the market. With anti-tip gyroscopic sensors and anti-collision sensors that can be adjusted by the user, the Vision is becoming one of the more popular workstation systems. The Elevar Vision features either a two-leg or three-leg desk, which has an adjustable centre bracket that covers custom desktop angles from  90° to 180°.

One of the most attractive features of this workstation is its optional Bluetooth operation and LCD lighting indicators and display. This workstation system comes in black, white, or silver and features a comprehensive ten-year warranty.

Electric Adjustable Workstations

Elevar – Your One Stop Shop For Adjustable Desks

As design objectives and trends change, our systems can adapt. Whether a client needs to add to an existing workplace system or redesign entirely, we can accommodate all your needs. Once the healthy bones of the office are in place, allowing for a productive and enjoyable workspace, all the other variables can fall into place. Whether you’re designing and fitting out an office space, or are a retailer for office furniture – contact the expert team at Elevar to see how we can meet your needs.

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