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Elevar’s Monitor Arms

Elevar’s high quality monitor arms and workstations are designed and sourced with the user in mind. As a leading supplier and partner of Ergotron Australia, we have with one of the most versatile wholesale ranges on the market.

Benefits of Ergotron Monitor Arms:

Elevar’s range of Ergotron products have been thoughtfully selected and aim to bring the power of choice to the end-user. 

Human-centered designs and functionality along with sleek cable management make Ergotron monitor arms some of the best on the market. If you are considering mounting one, two or multiple monitors on your workstations to maximise the use of your office space, increase productivity and keep the aesthetics of your work space, Elevar will have a range for you and your clients.

Wondering which Ergotron Monitor Arm Is Best For You? Here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn from this article:

Ergotron Monitor Arms

Ergotron has an established reputation for its stylish, ergonomic, human-centred designs – prompting us to rethink our workspaces. With their range of monitor stands, arms and mounts that are user friendly and posturally efficient, workplace well being is more accessible than ever before.

Why Choose Ergotron Monitor Arms?

With adjustable and articulating arms, employees can be more productive with less strain on their neck, back, shoulders, and eyes. Ergotron’s range of monitor arms are extensive and suitable for mounting single, double, or multiple monitors at your desks and workstations. As well as this, for multiple monitor mounts – you have a choice of moving monitors together or independently, as well as extending, tilting or articulating to the position.

Benefits of Monitor Mounts:

Different Types of Monitor Arms

Sound good? Elevar can help provide this technology whether you’re refurbishing an office, or designing a new workspace. With Ergotron’s LX monitor arms, HX monitor arms, and MXV monitor arms, you can customise your workstations to accommodate a range of screen sizes and monitor weights.

Ergotron MXV Monitor Arm

Still unsure of which monitor arm to choose for your workstation? Here’s an overview of our range:

Ergotron LX Monitor Arms: Most Popular, Modular

LX monitor arms are probably the most popular modular mounts from Ergotron, with most commercial offices and designers love this series of low-profile mounts. This series is available in single, dual-direct, and dual-stacking desktop stands.

Benefits of the LX Monitor Mount:

The LX Dual Direct monitor arm is a one-arm PC mount that carries two monitors at once. Move the monitors together with the freedom to a wide range of motion. With an adjustable height, the monitor arm tilts forward and backward, swivels at 360°, extends up to 24 inches, and rotates left and right.

Made of polished aluminium stands, you can hide your cables seamlessly to keep your workstations neat and tidy.

Ergotron HX Monitor Arms: Heavier Duty

The HX monitor arm is one heavy-duty PC mount that carries up to three screens, with the ability to mount three monitor  screens up to 49-inches wide and weighing up to 42 lbs.   

Share your view with your colleagues by using the patented constant force technology that allows you to move each monitor with ease. This technology can modify the weight capacity of a single-arm or dual-HX monitor arm with the right accessories.

Benefits of the HX Monitor Mount: 

The HX monitor arm is mountable both on desktops or walls. Additionally, with concealed cable management, these mounts can sit flush against walls, or tucked away nicely in cabinets or shelves.

Ergotron MXV Monitor Arms: Compact, Sleek, Stylish

With effortless height adjustment and  flawless ergonomics, you’ll love the functionality and style of these monitor arm. The Ergotron MXV monitor arm is compact, sleek and elegant in design,  maximising the use of your space. The dual monitor stand has V-shaped, independently moving arms with a mechanism that allows each one to move to its fullest extension. The arms extend to a maximum of 22.2 inches. Each stand has a full-motion range where it makes full tilts and turns. Assemble each one into the table and get two monitors in one spot.

Benefits of the MXV:

The desk clamps secure the arms to table edges of up to 1.25 inches thick. With the arm’s full range motion, you can rest assured that each mount stays  and place with anti-rotation screws.

Elevar Pluto Monitor Arm

In addition to the Ergotron monitor arms, Elevar have developed our own Pluto monitor arms which are a versatile and effective alternative, that can be installed to meet almost any design and mounting configurations such as:

Please note: Wall mount or Slat Wall mount may be available upon request.

Benefits of the Elevar Pluto Monitor Mount:

  1. Max weight of up to 15kg (per arm)
  2. Comes in three colour variations: white, silver, black
  3. Tilt 80 degrees both up and down 
  4. Pivot 110 degrees both left and right
  5. Swivel 90 degrees both left and right
  6. Articulation 160 degrees both left and right 
  7. Comes with a 7 year warranty
  8. Compatible with VESA mount adaptors

If your workstation needs to mount larger and heavier LCDs, Elevar’s Pluto monitor arms could be a fit. The sturdy mounts can be powder-coated in white, silver, or black and effectively mount monitor screens, laptops and desktop computers weighing up to 15kg. Their designs mainly compose of single or dual pivoting arms that work together with adjustable height and  include dual-stacking arms and arms that flush and retract from the wall. The arms are extendable for up to 17.4 inches rotating at a maximum of 180° with the ability to turn, tilt, and pan just like any Ergotron mount or monitor arm would do.


As you can see, it’s clear why Ergotron are a market leader when it comes to monitor arms for workspace ergonomics. Each design stays true to its promise of being able to position monitors to anyone’s comfort level, and is the reason why most offices choose Ergotron.

At Elevar, we help businesses easily access the leading range of Ergotron’s monitor arms. We are a trusted distributor and partner of Ergotron Australia to help businesses create stylish, versatile, ergonomic workspaces. We strive to keep businesses updated with modular and solution-based mounts and designs. And if you have no idea how to make these products work for your office, we’ll help find the right combination of monitor mounts and workstation solutions for you.