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For 40 years Ergotron has been innovating and manufacturing products that positively influence how people work. It started with the company founder playing around with the idea of a computer stand that could tilt and swivel to help improve the posture of the user – and that was back in 1982. Today, Ergotron supports a range of industries including healthcare and education. Products such as their monitor arms provide solutions and benefits to individuals and teams worldwide.

Backing their innovation are top-notch customer care and product quality, specially trained product professionals and options to upgrade to extended service programs. This support ensures that anything you have invested in is protected. It also gives you the assurance that your purchase is covered for years to come, along with ongoing professional advice.

Two ranges that we supply at Elevar to support our clients with office and retail fit-outs are:


Ergotron Monitor Arms

As a leading Ergotron wholesaler in Australia, we carry a wide range of their monitor arms for office and commercial spaces. These simple but effective products stop people from having neck, shoulder and eye strain. You can simply and quickly adjust the monitor arm to your height so you can work comfortably. Monitor arms are fantastic for any workstation, but particularly those in hot desk scenarios where staff need to get set up for the day, without wasting time adjusting office equipment.

Monitor arms also allow for multiple monitors at any given workstation and the arms are able to move independently from each other. This means the user can have screens at different heights, tilts and extensions as needed. There’s also the flexibility in design, with arms suited to hold heavier and larger monitors, and then others that can easily handle laptops. Each design from Ergotron can be positioned so that everyone is comfortable.

Ergotron monitor arm, commercial office furniture wholesaler


Desktop Converters

Ergotron’s range of desktop converters allow any table or standard office desks can be elevated into the new age of active workspaces. Desktop converters are a cost-effective way to bring the benefits of ergonomic commercial furniture into a workplace, with the converters easily sitting on top of any existing fixed desk.

The range of desktop converters from Ergotron has solutions to suit every workspace and fixed desk set-up. The benefits of a standing desk include:

Another benefit of desktop converters is how transferable they are. If needed, the converter can be easily lifted off and repositioned on another desktop.

Explore the range of Ergotron Desk Converters that we wholesale at Elevar for your office and retail store needs.

Adjustable Desktop Converter, Ergotron Wholesaler


The Wrap Up

At Elevar, we are continually raising the standard in the Australian commercial furniture market. We pride ourselves on being named as the Australian Contract Furniture Distributor for Ergotron’s range of products designed for this space.

Beyond the brilliant offering from Ergotron, we also connect the design community with commercial office furniture and products that are:

If you’re after monitor arms or other commercial solutions from an Ergotron supplier that you can trust, contact our experienced team today!