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Monitor arms are an ergonomic office solution that allows you to take control of your computer monitor and move it off the desktop to the correct height all times, rather than being tied down by a static monitor stand.

As the health risks of traditional office work become more widely understood, are being used in more and more workspaces. They integrate beautifully with other ergonomic products like standing desks and they also allow workers to free up more desk space.

Monitor Arms

Health benefits of Monitor Arms

The main goal of all ergonomic solutions is to improve the health of our workforce. With employees working longer hours on average, ergonomic office solutions are more important than ever. Improved staff health and comfort also leads to happier employees and that leads to more productivity. The three main health benefits of dynamic monitor holders are:

Freedom of movement

Monitor arms give the user freedom; freedom to ensure their monitor can be placed and positioned exactly where they require it. Essentially, they can customise their workspace to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Reducing neck, back and eye strain

The most common complaints from office workers are neck, back and eye pain, all of which are improved by an ergonomic monitor arm. For best results, a computer monitor should be 38-65 cm from the user’s eyes and the top of the screen should be roughly at eye level. An adjustable monitor arm means this ideal setup can be maintained in any position, whether standing or sitting.

Enhancing other ergonomic equipment

There is only so much that a stand-up desk, ergonomic chair, and posture training can achieve if your employees are still stuck straining their neck, back, and eyes trying to work with an outdated, static monitor holder. A good quality monitor arm is the icing on the ergonomic cake.

Productivity benefits of monitor arms

As well as improved staff health and all the related benefits it brings, articulated monitor arms also contribute to productivity in more direct ways:


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