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Chances are you’re sitting down as you read this. At your desk. On transport. Lounging on the couch. No judgement here, but given that Australians spend almost 10 hours each day sitting on average and that there are many health issues associated with being sedentary, it’s important that clients are encouraged to explore more ways to get themselves and their staff mobile in the workplace.

While we are generally familiar with the science backed benefits of using a sit stand desk, some clients are put off by the seemingly arduous task of manually cranking them to the required height, which can be a very real barrier to actively embracing the concept. 

If this is you or one of your clients, the electric sit stand desk is the perfect alternative for you. Let’s take a look at:

Tips to get clients to adjust with ease

It’s important to highlight to clients that standing desks aren’t some trendy minimalist design feature, but actually a step toward empowering and supporting staff productivity, mental and physical health.

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Here are a few tips to help them adjust and create new habits with a sit stand desk.

Tip 1: Set reminders, while increasing productivity 

Like any routine, adapting to using a stand up desk can take some time and one way to get into the swing of it is to set reminders. One approach could be using the Pomodoro Technique, a time management system that encourages work productivity and breaks the workday into 25 minute intervals, separated by five minute breaks. 

By using this technique clients can also use it to alternate between sitting and standing and build the routine and habit of using their sit stand workstations effectively.

Tip 2: Set up for comfort

If your clients are physically comfortable with the change to using a sit stand desk, they’re more likely to continue using them effectively. Here are a few complementary ideas that can help set themselves up for comfort:

Anti-fatigue mat

A must have for every sit stand workstation, anti-fatigue mats encourage movement and increased blood flow and decrease pressure on feet, knees, back and hips – all of which will motivate staff to stand for longer periods safely.

Good lighting

If your client has installed sit stand workstations but still has flickering strip fluro lighting running the length of the office ceilings, it needs to be changed up as soon as possible. Whether it’s possible to change the office lighting or not, you can help them optimise their workstations with good quality lighting. A dimmable desk light will provide flicker free glow without throwing multiple shadows over the workspace.

Correct posture

Switching to a sit stand desk doesn’t automatically mean everyone’s posture will improve. If clients repeat similar slouching patterns while standing, the new workstation environment won’t assist in the long term as planned. 

Desk and computer positioning need to be at the correct heights. Arms need to be at a loose 90 degree angle to the keyboard and monitors ideally should be at around eye level so clients are not looking up or down at it – both of which can encourage neck and back pain. 

Having colour, print out visual reminders on desk tops or surrounding walls can be helpful for correct set up and posture adjustments.

Comfy shoes

While high heels may really make a statement with an outfit, standing in them while using a sit stand desk is not going to do your posture any good. Swap them for practical shoes when you’re standing at the desk to get the benefits.

Perhaps there’s an opportunity to partner with a popular shoe store or brand that resonates with your clients and offers them practical, stylish footwear for work.

How electric desks make it even easier

The entire point of having a sit stand desk is to alternate between sitting and standing at multiple intervals throughout the work day, and these ideas will definitely help your clients adopt their height adjustable desks easier. The key to clients making any change in their workplace design is being able to demonstrate to them that adapting to the change will be easy for everyone to grasp and not create additional work or stress.

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If you want to make it even easier for your clients to make the change, here are three advantages to selecting an electric sit stand desk that will sway your more reluctant clients.

Advantage 1: Easy to use

Above all else, an electric desk provides an easy transition for clients to the sit and stand desk setup. Compared to their manual crank operated alternative, the electric standing desk is whisper quiet, fast to adjust and requires limited effort. Many models enable a number of desk height settings to be pre programmed and some even boast contactless operation, making adapting to sit stand workstations relatively effortless. 

Advantage 2: Great for hot desking offices

For clients who have work environments where desk sharing between staff is a regular occurrence, electric workstations the perfect choice. From hot desk working to anyone who might job share and therefore share the one workstation, electric desks offer the flexibility and ease to get team members on board with the transition to sit stand workstations. 

The change over time from one staff member to another to set up their workspace can be swift, with desk height adjustment taking a matter of seconds. If a product with a pre-programmed height setting is selected, it will increase the speed of transition even moreso. 

Advantage 3: Achieve the perfect desk height

Another beauty of the electric desk is its ability to shift incrementally. Depending on the task being performed, your client can quickly and easily nudge the height up or down a few centimetres to suit, enabling them to find the perfect desk height for their needs, for any task. Gone are the days of putting up with a fixed height workstation that doesn’t quite work for the individual. 

Electric desk product showcase 

EON Three Motor Adjustable Electric Desk

Available in a right angle 90°, 120°, or 180° configuration, the Eon EV-1090 is strong, durable and quiet and allows for three user settings to be pre-programmed. 

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EON Two Motor Electric Adjustable Desk

A two leg, two motor electric desk, the Elevar Eon EV-1000 is available as a C-Foot desk or T-foot meeting table and can pre-program three user settings along with minimum and maximum height restriction settings for under or above desk obstructions. 

Vision Two Motor Electric Adjustable Desk

With four height settings, the Vision Two Motor Electric Desk is the latest in electric sit stand technology. There’s the option of contactless adjustment and safety precautions, plus you can change the frame to suit almost any desk top size.

Ready to take your client workspace design to new heights? 

As you can see, there’s a wide range of benefits electric sit stand workstations offer when it comes to helping bring your clients around to adopting sit stand desks. Contact the friendly team at Elevar to discuss the best options for your latest projects.