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There's a wide range of benefits to choosing and stocking Maxishift desktop converters from Elevar. Our specifically designed and manufactured standing desk converters can be used with most office table or office desks, offering flexibility and an improved working environment with little to no change in your current office setup.

Whether you’re looking for an electric or manual desktop converter, we will be happy to take you through your options to find the best office equipment and ergonomic accessories.


Benefits of a Desktop Converter

Fitting out an office space with well-designed stand-up desk converters is a brilliant and cost effective way to improve workplace ergonomics withou having to completely refit an office.


Benefit #1: Boosts Mood and Productivity

Changing working positions can help to improve focus and productivity. Workers using a standing desk converter can work from a sitting or standing position whenever they please, giving them flexibility which, in turn, boosts their mood and happiness at work.


Benefit #2: Reduces Back Pain

One of the main problems of sitting all day is back pain, which in coe cases, can be so severe that it leads to time off work. A great way to reduce the chances of suffering from back pain is with a sit-stand desk converter. Standing allows workers to have a better posture and stretch when necessary, reducing the likelihood of back and neck pain from continuously working in a seated position.


Benefit #3: Reduces Weight Gain

Another concern for many working from a desk all day is the possibility of weight gain. Only moving your fingers to type isn’t exactly enough to keep you feeling your best. But, working from a standing position helps to burn more calories and improve blood flow. This helps to reduce the chances of weight gain and improve mood and happiness.


Benefit #4: Increased Energy

When working from the same desk in the same position, it’s normal to have a lull in energy. A desk converter is a wonderful way to boost energy. The increase in blood flow and new working position helps to refocus us and improve our mental well-being, increasing energy levels and productivity.


Benefit #5: Cost-Effective Solution

Buying wholesale desktop converters can be a really cost-effective solution for an office fit-out. There’s no need to buy an entirely new desk but rather a converter which can be used with the existing office desk. They’re also portable so can be used in multiple locations if necessary. At Elevar, we offer both electric and manual desktop converters to meet various budgets.


Desktop Converters - Frequently Asked Questions

Are standing desk converters worth it?

That really depends on your office space. Many decide to invest in a sit-stand desk rather than a converter, but for those wanting a little more flexibility or have a lower budget, a converter is ideal. There are so many benefits to installing desktop converters but the bottom line is that they improve productivity and worker well-being.


Can you turn a regular desk into a standing desk?

Yes! A desk converter is a great way to turn a regular desk into a standing one. Simply use the desk converter to transform any desk into an ergonomic workplace.


What is the difference between a standing desk and a standing desk converter?

A standing desk is an entire desk unit that can be positioned to allow the user to work from a standing or sitting position. There are different standing desk designs including electronic and manual desks and there are several benefits to both.

A standing desk converter, however, is placed on top of an existing desk or table, and only the converter changes position, as opposed to the entire desk.


How tall should my standing desk converter be?

Making sure your desk converter is at the correct height is really important, if not, it could lead to further back pain and strain. Stand with your arms by your side and raise your forearms to a 90-degree angle. Ensure that your hands and wrists are parallel to the floor and just above your keyboard. Adjust your desk to this height. Accessories such as anti-fatigue mats and monitor arms can also help with the setup of your desk converter.


How long should you stand at a standing desk?

When it comes to how long you should stand at a standing desk, it’s important not to rush it and build up the length of time slowly. Aim to begin with 10 minutes per hour and slowly increase this each day. You can aim to do around 4 hours per day once you feel comfortable and start to see the benefits. Being mindful of the shoes you’re wearing and ensuring you have the right desktop accessories to support you can also make it much easier.


Are desktop converters easy to use?

Desktop converters are a quick and easy way to allow workers to change position during the day. Either by adjusting the handle or pressing a button, desktop converters quickly adjust to a standing or seated position, improving comfort and productivity without interrupting the working day. They all come with a 5-year warranty and our team at Elevar is happy to answer any questions you have concerning functionality and setup.

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