Premium Office Tables: Versatile Meeting, Folding & Breakout Table Solutions

Getting the right office table is essential to creating a productive and happy workspace. Not only should they be comfortable enough to spend long periods of the day sitting or standing at, but they should also match your workspace’s needs and design.

At Elevar, we offer a range of Marco office tables to suit any office, meeting room or training area. They’ve all been designed and manufactured for their ergonomic design, high-quality materials and flexibility. We have a wide range of tables to suit almost any need or setting.


Folding Office Table

It’s important that your office furniture works for you and the space you have. Folding office tables are a great way to maximise space and create dynamic office settings. They can be rolled out and folded up whenever necessary and take up minimal space when not in use. Thanks to the wheel design, the tables can be configured in any way to promote solo or teamwork.

The Marco folding office tables come with a ‘one size fits all’ base, meaning lead time is much quicker. The table tops can also be adapted to different sizes, ensuring true versatility for any office.

Meeting Tables

Meeting tables are fundamental in most offices. The right one can promote collaborative work and productivity. Marco meeting tables are designed with versatility in mind, meaning that whichever you go for, they’re easy to assemble and adjust. They’re also available with various top sizes and in different colours. For those looking for a unique office fit-out, the Marco Long Meeting system is ideal for larger spaces and can be adapted to have more table legs and different-shaped tops.

Breakout Table

The Marco breakout tables are the ideal solution for functional spaces. This office table is versatile and easy to use and can be adjusted to different heights. As with all Marco tables, ergonomic design is at the heart of the Breakout Table and it can be adapted to different sizes and top shapes.

Marco Polo Table

The Marco Polo table is ideal for soft seating areas, be that in the office, home or reception area. It’s available in black and white and the height can be adjusted for extra versatility and comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much space do you need around a meeting table?

When considering space around a meeting table, it’s important to consider people sitting comfortably, pushing their chairs back and allowing enough space for people to walk by. This usually means you need between 110 - 140 cm between the wall and the table. Ergonomic office furniture can help to maximise space, thanks to unique designs.


How do I choose a meeting table?

Size and functionality are two of the most important things with regard to choosing the correct meeting table. How much space do you realistically have? Will they be permanently set up? Or do you want them to be moveable?

How easy they are to assemble, materials used, design features and price are all other aspects to consider. The Marco office table range is at a favourable price point and uses top-quality materials and designs to make office tables practical, functional and attractive.


What is breakout space in an office?

Breakout space in an office is space that has multiple uses. It’s usually less formal than other areas and can be used to collaborate, brainstorm or relax. A breakout table therefore needs to be versatile, quick to assemble and support different types of working and relaxing.


What are the benefits of a breakout area?

Having a breakout area is a great way to encourage employee well-being and collaboration. Less formal working areas can motivate workers and inspire new ideas. With the right office furniture, they can help improve productivity and employee happiness.


How do I choose a folding table?

With a folding table, it’s not just important to think about how big it is when in use but also when it’s folded away. Well-designed tables fold away neatly, leaving the space free for other uses. They should also be able to move and configure with other tables for the best optimisation of the office area. It’s important that they’re easy to fold out so that they can be used as quickly as possible and with minimal hassle.


Get in touch with the team at Elevar if you have questions about the best office table for your fit-out. We assist companies across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. We’ll be able to advise on options and how to make the most out of your space or product offering.

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