Elevar MaxiShift Stand Module

The MaxiShift is a versatile height adjustable sit to stand module that can be placed on your existing desk.

Available in both electric and manual height adjustable, MaxiShift suits any desk top thanks to its straight up and down design. Screens can be placed at the perfect distance thanks to the generous platform and adjustable keyboard tray. Any monitor arm can also be attached for extra versatility.

A push button control pad adjusts the MaxiShift-E up and down of up to 45kg, and 25kg for the MaxiShift-E Lite. Just plug them in and turn them on.

The gas strut on the MaxiShift Lite stops anywhere for easy height adjustment of up to 15kg.

With an endless stopping height of up to 595mm, MaxiShift can be utilised by users of almost any height and with almost any screen configuration.
MaxiShift. Enhance workplace connectivity and performance.

Height Range

MaxiShift-Lite 450mm, MaxiShift-E Lite 475mm, MaxiShift-E 595mm

Max Weight

MaxiShift-Lite 15kg, MaxiShift-E Lite 25kg, MaxiShift-E 45kg

Keyboard Tray Adjustment

MaxiShift-Lite and MaxiShift-E Lite – Forward/Back, MaxiShift-E – Up/Down/Forward/Back

Minimum Space Required

MaxiShift Lite 950 x 600mm, MaxiShift-E 950 x 665mm



Optional Extras

All Elevar and Ergotron monitor arms, laptop conversion kit


5 years