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It’s that time of year when the sun starts popping up that little bit earlier, the temperature creeps up a notch and we emerge from our winter hibernation. What better time to take a look at your ergonomic desk and work surroundings and give them a good old spring clean? Most of us spend a great deal of time in our places of work and it’s important that our work environment supports our overall wellbeing.

Whether you work remotely, in an open plan office space, or if you manage an office or co-working space with multiple workstations, take the time to consider some of these ideas to breathe fresh air into your place of work.


Ventilate and Wipe Down

Off the back of peak COVID we are now all well versed in wiping down workstations, particularly in hot desk settings.

World pandemics aside, keeping workspaces clean is hygienic and keeps things looking great. Ensure there are adequate supplies on hand for staff to access daily to disinfect their workstations. You should also encourage them to wipe down desks and any other shared items before finishing.

Do you have air conditioners or heaters? Making sure any filters and air vents are routinely cleaned out is also wise. These areas can be breeding grounds for mould and bacteria. A seasonal cleaning is recommended and if you haven’t already invested in one, perhaps consider getting an air purifier for the office.

In the meantime, opening the windows and ensuring adequate ventilation on a daily basis can also do wonders. Let the fresh air and sunshine in!

spring clean ergonomic desk, stand up desk wholesalerDeclutter and Digitise

While so much is digitised these days, there are still workplaces with a heavy paper load. If it is necessary to keep some of your paper-based documents, look at your storage systems and consider if there are more manageable ways to maintain the load. New filing cabinets? A streamlined storage cupboard?

Where possible, scan and digitally archive paper-based documents for future reference (making sure you have backup copies). Then shred or recycle to clear some space!

Document Holders and Monitor Arms

If you still need some paperwork on your desk, using a document holder can be a handy addition to keep things organised day to day. Monitor arms are also a really good idea regardless of whether you work with a single monitor or multiple screens. Monitor arms attach easily to workstations of all configurations, from a static set-up to an ergonomic desk and help to free up desktop real estate.

Cable Management

Another top way to declutter individual workstations is by getting on top of unruly computer cables. Cable management is an affordable approach to organising your workstation and is particularly helpful if you use an adjustable desk. By doing this you ensure nothing is in the way when altering the height settings from sitting to standing and vice versa.


Make the Most of Natural Light

Are you making the most of the natural light in your workspace? Whether you’re set up remotely at home or in a shared workspace, spring is a great time to reassess the layout of your office environment. You could perhaps look into refreshing your commercial office furniture to make the overall flow more flexible while maximising the natural light.

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to change up the atmosphere too – you can do this by adding some indoor plants to the office decor.

natural office spaces, office designIncrease Productivity with an Ergonomic desk

If you haven’t already, now could be a great opportunity to embrace a more ergonomic workstation set-up. There are many benefits to adjustable desks, from improved posture and reduced headaches to boosted productivity and creative thinking.


Need Guidance or Inspiration for Your Workspace?

At Elevar, we empower you to craft work environments that boost productivity and well-being. As one of Australia’s leading wholesalers of commercial office furniture, we ensure our products are well-considered and adaptable to any workspace. Get in touch with the team today to discuss how we can make your working environment more flexible and supportive of your team’s wellbeing.