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Whether you already have a height adjustable desk, or you’ve just hit ‘add to cart’ for a fresh batch to be delivered to update your office furniture, it’s important that you know how to set them up properly.

There are a wide range of benefits of flexible workstations including increased productivity and stress reduction. By arming employees with clear steps on how to adapt new commercial office furniture to meet their individual needs, they will be able to fully experience all that these ergonomic desks have to offer.

We’ve rounded up these quick and practical steps to getting the best desk setup every time.


Step 1: Unpack and Setup Your Height Adjustable Desk

If you’re setting up from scratch, ensure that all parts are included before you begin putting the desk together and contact your height adjustable desk wholesaler if anything’s missing. Consider where you want the desk to be set up before you begin and ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

It really does pay to prioritise quality for sit stand desks. If you run into any trouble while putting it together, decent retailers will offer comprehensive customer service to assist.

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Step 2: Adjust the Height of Your Desk

Now that you’ve got the desk set up, it’s time to adjust the height to suit you. We recommend placing an anti-fatigue mat on the floor in front of the desk where you will be standing. Put that in place first and stand comfortably on it, feet facing ahead and your weight evenly distributed.


How Do You Determine The Height of A Standing Desk?

With your arms by your sides, keep your elbows beside you and raise your forearms to a 90-degree angle. Your hands and wrists parallel to the floor, they should be just above the desktop surface. Adjust the desk to this level.


Step 3: Position Your Monitors

Whether you have just one, or multiple monitors at your workstation, you need to have them at the optimal position to avoid eye strain, neck and back niggles.

Products such as monitor arms are really useful to get the best arrangement, with options available for dual screen monitor arms also available to manage cables and keep desktops decluttered. You could also consider integrating a document holder if your tasks require referencing printed materials.

Ideally, you want the top of your monitor to be at, or just below your eye level as you face it directly, with the screen tilted slightly upwards to reduce any reflection.

To achieve the best distance from your screens, raise your arm out directly in front of you – fingertips just out of reach of the monitor is what you’re aiming for.


Step 4: Consider the Keyboard and Mouse Position

Place your keyboard and mouse in positions that can work for both sitting and standing. Obviously, you can move them as needed, but ideally, you want your wrists and hands to remain in a neutral position when you’re typing or using your mouse. Your arms should be bent at the elbows to 90 degrees and not at jarring angles.

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Step 5: Sort Your Seating

When it’s time to take a seat, adjust your desk and seat height while being mindful again of all of the positioning guidance outlined above, as it still applies when you’re in the chair.

How do you ergonomically sit at a desk?

First up, you want an office chair that supports your spine. When seated, you want your feet to be flat on the floor, or supported by a foot support. Thighs should be parallel to the floor and your shoulders relaxed. At mentioned in Step 4, you’ll ideally want to be sitting so that your elbows are still in a ‘neutral position’ at approximately 90 degrees.

It’s also good to consider where the chair can go when you’re standing. Is there room for it to be at the side of the desk or under the desk, without it getting in the way? Consider the space you have available in your office, along with employee needs.


The Wrap Up

If you bring integrated integrated flexible workstations into your commercial office furniture fit-outs, or are planning on doing so, it is essential that everyone knows how to quickly and safely adapt products to suit their needs, especially height adjustable desks.

By empowering your people with clear guidelines on how to adjust their desks, everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits.


Ready for a Height Adjustable Desk in Your Workplace?

If you’re interested in investing in height adjustable desks, Elevar has a wide range of options to suit office spaces of all sizes. The comprehensive range on offer includes:

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