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With the way the world is currently looking, it doesn’t look like Covid-19 is going anywhere anytime soon. This means we have had to adjust all aspects of life, and for a lot of people, this includes their work-spaces and ergonomic workstations. Some businesses have had to resort to working from home full time. However, offices that are big enough to follow social distancing protocols have still been able to have employees in the office, albeit at 50% or 75% capacity. 

Rearranging office spaces to meet Covid-19 rules and keep everyone safe might mean having to sacrifice comfort and the overall flow of the work-space. As well as following these rules and protocols, the impact of COVID has seen a further increased interest in health and wellness in general. Today’s modern office spaces are looking to prioritise employee health and wellness – by investing in the right office furniture and workstations, your workspace can be healthier in a variety of ways, as well as remain versatile and able to meet the changing requirements.

At Elevar, we have a wide range of ergonomic office furniture and accessories that will keep your workspace safe and comfortable. This furniture will benefit the health of employees and allow for easy movement and adjusting to keep your spaces safe. From adjustable and electric desks to folding tables and monitor arms, Elevar has something for every office workspace. 

Safely Maximise And Adjust Your Office Space With An Versatile Workstations And Tables

If you have been able to keep your office open and running during the pandemic, certain rules must be in place to keep you and your team safe. These new rules don’t mean you have to sacrifice your employees’ comfort, or the design of your office space. 

Options like an adjustable height desks, standing workstation, or desk converter are becoming increasingly popular. Investing in the pieces of office furniture makes it easy to not only deliver the ergonomic benefits, but also enable you to quickly and easily rearrange them to meet social distancing requirements and repurpose different areas in your office. Here are a few options: 

How Ergonomic Workstations Can Benefit Your Office

How Ergonomic Workstations Can Benefit Your Office

Adjustable Workstations And Tables Provide Safe, Efficient and Comfortable Interactions 

You may be looking to upgrade your office space, so it remains versatile and ergonomic, but still follows new Covid-19 specifications. If employees are able to continue working in the office, you and your team need to feel confident that they are safe and comfortable interacting with each other on an everyday basis. 

Using certain ergonomic desks and accessories from Elevar makes following the social distancing requirements an easy and comfortable adjustment to your workplace. We have a range of ergonomic workstations and tables allowing you to keep interactions at work safe, efficient, and comfortable: 

EON Workstation System Melbourne

Reduce Stress With Ergonomic Desk Accessories

Ligero Task Light

Using comfortable ergonomic desk accessories is an easy way to update an existing desk, reduce stress and promote better health within the workplace. Whilst a height adjustable desk or desktop convertor is a high impact option to reduce physical stresses on the body, the right accessories can be a quick and easy way to complement these solutions and further reduce office stress.

We as humans are not meant to sit for long periods, so having something comfortable and versatile to our physical needs is important. Stress in the workplace can lead to several unwanted problems and can affect the overall health of the office worker. Here are some of our products at Elevar to decrease unnecessary stress at work: 

Help To Reduce Workplace Injuries By Incorporating Height Adjustable Desks

Electric Adjustable Desk Melbourne

When you keep your office workspace as versatile and comfortable as possible for your team, the chance of an injury occurring is greatly decreased. Injuries could be from sitting in an uncomfortable chair for too long and straining your neck muscles and shoulder muscles because monitors aren’t at an optimum height.

One of the main reasons for having a versatile and ergonomic workspace is the comfort of your team. If you are uncomfortable at work, it becomes harder to focus and makes it less enjoyable to come to the office every day. Height adjustable desks can help to easily remedy this! At Elevar, we strive to provide you with manual and electric sit stand desks that are especially based on “human-centered design.”

Ergonomic Workstations Are Found to Have a Positive Effect on the Health of Office Workers 

If your office workers are comfortable at work, they are likely to be more productive and happier. Taking care of your workers and prioritising their comfort and well-being can easily be done by providing ergonomic and versatile furniture and accessories. By using our range of products and accessories, you can easily provide an enjoyable and safe office workspace, even with the challenges Covid-19 presents. 

Find what works best with your space and employees as some products will work better than others. For example, an electric standing desk might work for some, whereas those that prefer to sit may benefit from just having monitor arms fitted to their table or desk. 

No matter what your need is, get in touch with the expert team at Elevar to see if we can help you find the right combination for you and your workspace. We’ll help you find a solution that is suitable for your current requirements, whilst remaining flexible for the evolving Covid-19 requirements. 

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