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Wholesale Office Furniture Supplier Brisbane

Providing a healthy environment for everyone in the office helps promote productivity, and Elevar is able to help you achieve this when you’re designing or fitting out an office space.

We have been helping businesses, schools, government departments, designers and architects fulfil this vision by providing a handpicked range of quality ergonomic office furniture and reconfigurable meeting tables and workstations.

We offer free consultations for input on design, with our experienced team able to walk you through the various options we have and lead you to the right combinations for your office.

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Adaptable Ergonomic Office Furniture Brisbane

Elevar is a wholesale office furniture supplier committed to providing the best in ergonomic and reconfigurable office furniture. Our range helps support efficiency and comfort in the working environment.


We have a wide range of sit stand workstations which are adaptable and versatile making them suitable for any office fit-out. They come with a range of desktop finishes meaning they’ll not only support a healthier more productive work environment, but suit any office design. They’re also flexible enough to allow you to do a complete office reconfiguration if the need arises.

Desktop Converters

In addition to our sit stand desks, we have a range of desktop converters, which you can place on top of your existing desks. Our desktop converters are ergonomic essentials which are offered in either manual-tension adjustable or electric-adjustable option, making it possible for you to match the preferences of every employee working in your office.

Monitor Arms

At Elevar we have a selection of single and dual monitor arms which can be mounted on your existing desks and tables, or our sit stand desks. This makes office environments increasingly flexible and ergonomic for teams of all shapes and sizes.

Meeting Tables

Alongside workstations, our range of height adjustable and foldable meeting tables are among our most popular products for office fitouts and redesigns. They’re designed to meet your changing needs of meeting room layouts whether you need to sit, stand, present or move around. Our range of folding tables not only mean you can easily reconfigure your meeting rooms – but maximise space by storing tables you don’t need to use against the wall.

The Human Body in Mind

At Elevar, we’re continuously researching and sourcing the most innovative products available to provide healthy solutions for office fitouts.

In our non-stop research, we’re focused on the human body and how office furniture and accessories can encourage movement and unparalleled comfort to each individual using the workspace to the full potential.

Ergonomic Office Workstations and Adjustable Height Desks Brisbane

All of our sit stand desks and desktop convertors aim to support a neutral posture whether you’re sitting or standing. This ensures team members experience minimal fatigue and stress on the body.

With years of experience in ergonomic furniture, we know these principles well which have guided us in the design and selection of our workstations and adjustable desks. Our sit stand desks offer you the option to change with a push of a button from a standard height desk to standing desk.

The ability to change positions while working gives a wide range of benefits:

  • Reduces back pain
  • Lowers risk of heart disease, weight gain and obesity
  • Improves mood and energy levels
  • Boosts productivity

Adjustable height desks are highly recommended for comfort and health as the extensive time spent sitting at desks can slow down metabolism and overall heart health.

Allowing people to actively stand at their workstation increases movement, making our adjustable desks great tools to help employees maintain their well-being which can help make them more productive.

Having a sit stand desk doesn’t mean that you have to stand all the time – balance is key. With our quality range of electric sit stand desks and manual sit stand desks – your team will be able to stand in front of the desk for 30 minutes or so, and sit for the next 30 minutes without any concern over the wear and tear of the workstation.

If you’d like to find out more about our range of sit stand desks and which combination will best suit your particular needs and budget, we’d love to hear from you.

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Desktop Converters Brisbane

Standing desk converters are adjustable units that employees can put on top of their existing work desks. They’re also known as toppers or desktop risers. Standing desk converters will give your office workers the option of standing while working without moving the desks they are currently using. Most units have a work surface with a separate keyboard tray.

Elevar have selected a range of desktop converters that have their own features and benefits to cover all of your employees’ unique preferences.

With these converters, you don’t only give everyone the ability to transform their current desks into sit-stand desks but also allow them to conveniently work on a huge work surface and keyboard tray. The other benefit of these converters is assembly. Most are ready for instant use where you’ll just need to slide them out of the box, place it on the desktop, and continue with your work.

Meeting & Folding Tables Brisbane

With our line of foldable and adjustable meeting tables in Brisbane, you have flexible solutions for hosting meetings of all shapes, sizes and formats, with the ability to then reconfigure the room from a meeting room to a catered networking event.

Some of our tables come with folding systems, which will allow you to push the boundaries when it comes to saving space. With their folding mechanism, you will be able to quickly and securely stack tables against the wall with the castors and locking system.

Elevar have a range of small square or round meeting tables for offices that only have small spaces, or for breakout meeting areas. These small tables come with top sizes as small as 550mm x 550mm right up to 1200mm x 1200mm.

Whether you need these small meeting tables, or ones as long as 5600mm, Elevar has a range that’s suitable for you. Our range is extremely flexible and customisable allowing you to add legs as required to cover a longer or wider space. This makes our range of office tables suitable for accommodating large numbers of meeting, seminar or conference attendees.

You also have the option to choose from a range of finishes to match your new or existing office space. You can choose from black, pearl white, or if needed – you can also have customised options for the finish of your tables.

Elevar have a number of table top shape choices available as well giving users the option to have the usual rectangular or square tabletops, or you can be a bit more creative with table tops that are boat-shaped. 

There are also optional add ons for power and data boxes to support your mobile communication, energy supply for your computers and charging of your devices.

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Monitor Arms Brisbane

With the increasing use of one or more additional monitors – the need for adjustable monitor arms have become a necessary accessory for most work stations.

Elevar’s range of monitor arms offers effortless functionality and sleek design. By incorporating them into your overall work format, you have the advantage of placing your computers and monitors in positions that are convenient and comfortable.

To achieve the best placement for monitors, you can either twist, turn, pilot or tilt them with our monitor arms offering the support needed for whatever position your people prefer.

When choosing monitor arms, there are a range of factors to consider including single monitor arms versus dual monitor arms. Whether you want wall mount or desk mount monitors arms, as well as considering the weight the monitor arm can hold. The expert team at Elevar can help you navigate through these choices to make sure you make the right choice for your office design and fit out.

Guaranteed Hassle-Free and Fast Office Furniture Supplies Brisbane

As soon as you contact us, our team will help you figure out the best possible setup for your office. You will be connected to experts of office furniture design, who will help you determine exactly what you need to achieve your desired outcome.

We know the office furniture business very well and have been meeting, working collaborating with specialists to craft the best workspace solutions for our wide range of client requirements.