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Wholesale Office Furniture Supplier Melbourne

Elevar provides businesses across Melbourne and Victoria with the best ergonomic workstations, desktop converters, monitor arms and more that allow employees to work quickly and comfortably.

This is the best way to help your clients get the most out of their workday, whilst ensuring their workforce is free of health risks associated with long working hours that require them to sit in front of computers all day, by giving them the opportunity to stretch their body while shifting to a standing position.

Our range of office furniture are adaptable and innovative in design, allowing you to get the most from a flexible and fully ergonomic furniture fitout. Some of the most common benefits include:

  • Reduced pain
    Elevar’s tables, sit stand desks, adjustable desks, and workstations are specifically designed to help employees better manage their posture and alignment to minimise pain associated with sitting down for prolonged periods of time.
  • Increased productivity
    Productivity decreases when employees are constantly shifting in their seats in an effort to get comfortable. On the other hand, there’s extensive research that shows business productivity increases by as much as 11% when employers create an ergonomic work environment for their employees.


As an office furniture supplier, we aim to supply designers, architects and commercial offices with innovative products that give end-users the ability to have a range of ergonomic positions to meet their needs.

We are proud to deliver a range of ergonomic office furniture that is constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest trends. Whether you’re looking for Stand Up Desks (including Electric Standing Desks and Manual Adjustable Sit Stand Desks), Desktop Convertors, Monitor Arms, or Foldable Office Meeting Tables – our range and team of specialists will be able to help you find the right combination for you and your client.

Our team can help you identify the best solutions to fit your budget, as well as helping you make the best decisions for functionality. This can include choices on monitor arms that allow you to make the most of the space, as well as support the monitors you’ll be using with minimal swaying or tipping.

With free expert advice on top of our customer-centered service, Elevar offers free on-site measuring, planning and quotes to help you determine the best combination of products to suit your project.

Wholesale Office Furniture Melbourne

Ergonomic Office Furniture Melbourne

With Elevar’s wide range of ergonomic furniture, we can be your one stop shop for fit outs when it comes to office furniture with our core range including:

Whether you’re completing a new fit out, or refurbishing an office space – the team at Elevar can help you make the most of your space and bring your vision to reality.

Height Adjustable Desks and Ergonomic Office Workstations Melbourne

When it comes to office ergonomics, sit stand desks are typically the first thing that comes to mind. They can be lowered to suit chairs and people of all heights, as well as easily adjusted up to a height where people can comfortably do their work whilst standing.

Whilst adjustable desks are the first thing that offices typically look to for their office fit outs, not all adjustable desks are created equal. Whilst working, you want to make sure people use as little effort as possible to adjust their desk. Whether you’re looking at our crank operated or electric standing desks – our range of workstations do just that. Some of our units even such as the EON Two Motor Electric Adjustable Desk have pre-programing options, contactless adjustment and safety precautions systems to make things even easier and safer for users.

When choosing the best sit stand desk for your next office fitout, make sure you take the time to really evaluate the unit. Some of the main factors worth looking into include:

  • Height Range
  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Collision Control
  • Controller
  • Cable Management
  • Optional Accessories
  • Warranty

Our range of height adjustable desks have large work surfaces and come with strong bases that can securely hold all of your office essentials and accessories. They’re very easy to adjust up and down and made to be adaptable and adjustable to changing office requirements.

Desktop Converters Melbourne

Making the switch to standing desks does not require getting rid of your existing desks, and definitely does not have to force you to crowd your space with complete sit stand workstations. Our desk converters are all you may need for a smooth and effortless office transformation.

With Elevar’s desktop converters, you can have all the benefits of a height-adjustable desk, whilst making the most of existing desks and tables. With a range of adjustable options including electric and manual tension – our desktop converters are easy to use and can hold all your technology including laptops, keyboards, mice and monitors.

Whilst our desktop converters are light and easy to use, unlike a lot of units available on the retail market – they’re designed to carry heavy loads meaning you won’t have to worry about what technology you or your clients want to use. Take a look at our range of desktop converters we have available for you and your next project.

sit stand desk
Elevar Monitor Arms Wholesale Melbourne

Monitor Arms Melbourne

Whether you decide to use sit stand desks, desktop convertors or static workstations – Elevar can supply you with a range of lightweight, fully adjustable monitor arms so your clients can have full control over positioning their monitors to desired angles. Most of our units can carry loads of up to 15 kg which is sufficient enough to steadily hold a wide range of monitors and screens.

They can help you and your clients achieve a clutter-free work surface, whilst promoting neat and organised work spaces. Users can align their monitors with our arms at the appropriate height for them to prevent neck and eye strain, creating a healthier and more ergonomic posture while working.

Our range of monitor arms not only give users the ability to adjust screen to their desired positions, but they’re also compact with cable management systems making it easier to keep places looking tidy when they’re not in use.

Ergonomic Computer Accessories

To ensure you have a complete office setup for your fit out or office refurbishment, Elevar also carries a range of office accessories for different purposes.

By incorporating these accessories into your workplace, you’ll be able to build an atmosphere of health, comfort and productivity, whilst keeping workspaces organised and adaptable to different users.

Meeting & Folding Tables Melbourne

With your primary office spaces fitted out with sit stand desks or desktop converters, monitor arms and ergonomic computer accessories – the next most used office spaces for fitting out are typically meeting rooms and multi-purpose spaces.

With Elevar you can complete your furniture layout with our meeting tables designed to help you create the best professional impression for your clients and their visitors.

  • Folding Meeting Room Tables
    If you don’t want to be locked into one meeting room configuration, our folding tables can help you achieve this. They can be configured to suit the need from a boardroom setup, to lecture room setup or to help facilitate workshops. If you need more space, you can even fold them up and neatly stack them against the wall.Our foldable tables come with a telescopic beam for simple installation, and you have the option of choosing tables with narrow or wide feet. Frames will be delivered to you 80% assembled or fully-assembled for quick installation.
  • Varying Meeting Table Shapes and Sizes
    If you need to maximise the meeting table surface, we also have long meeting tables that will be perfect. Some of the longer tables can be further extended in length by adding extra feet, where you can add three or four legs to extend the length.We also have a range of table tops to rectangular tables including round meeting table tops, square and boat shaped table tops.As you can see, when selecting your office tables with Elevar, you have a range of choices from size and shape, as well as if you want them to be foldable and on castor wheels for easy relocation. We can also provide them in a range of finishes to suit your office design and integrated power and audio-visual systems if required.

If you’d like to find out how Elevar can help you with your office fitout and refurbishment project in Melbourne or across Victoria, get in touch with our team of experts to help you choose the right office furniture combination for you to meet your needs and deliver maximum value.

Meeting & Folding Tables Melbourne