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Wholesale Office Furniture Supplier Sydney

At Elevar, we provide companies across Sydney with high-quality ergonomic furniture. Our range of dynamic desks, desktop converters, monitor arms and accessories allow employees to work efficiently and comfortably. The furniture is designed to adapt to changing office spaces so designs and functionality can accommodate companies as they grow and develop.

Our wholesale office furniture is made from high-quality and durable materials that withstand the test of time, look modern and perform well. We offer different products within each range to suit different tastes, spaces and budgets.

wholesale office furniture
sit stand desk

Benefits of Wholesale Ergonomic Office Furniture Sydney

In recent years, more and more companies, designers and architects have been mindful of how employees work and how the furniture around them affects it. There are so many benefits of using standing desk converters, adjustable desks and foldable furniture which can make spaces more adaptive and workers more efficient.

Benefit #1: Reduced Pain

Back pain (amongst other body parts) can be a big problem for both employers and employees. Equipment that isn’t adaptive to your working style will lead to stiff joints, pain and even time off work. By using ergonomic furniture, such as a sit-stand desk, office workers can stretch their bodies, change position and increase blood flow – all of which lead to better concentration and more productivity.

Benefit #2: Happier Employees

Of course, less back pain is going to make anyone happy but dynamic workspaces can also help to improve communication between employees and encourage collaboration. Being able to work comfortably from a standing position, move desks around and share screens is going to make the work environment happier and more productive.

Benefit #3: More Economic

When you buy wholesale from Elevar, one of our experienced advisors will help you choose the correct furniture for your office space, employees’ needs and budget. They’ll ensure you get it right the first time, meaning you won’t waste money buying different pieces of furniture that don’t match what your office really needs. Furthermore, wholesale office furniture tends to work out more economically because you can buy multiple pieces at once, rather than each individually.

Wholesale Office Furniture in Sydney

With years of experience, we only supply furniture that will really make a difference to your office set-up. Our curated range consists of different products that increase productivity and well-being in the workplace.

Workstations and Height Adjustable Desks

All our workstations are designed with the user in mind and create flexible and adaptive workspaces that encourage collaboration and concentration. Our wide range of workstations and height-adjustable desks include electric and manual versions, as well as electric desks suitable for corners and dynamic work environments.

Standing Desk Converters

Desktop converters are a great way to add flexibility to a stationary workspace. Whether electric or manual, desk converters allow users to choose their ideal working height and change it whenever they want. There’s no need to buy an entire new desk, which makes them a great choice for different budgets too.

Mobile and Foldable Meeting Tables

For many companies, having dynamic and changeable work and meeting tables is really important. It allows for easy collaboration and quick changes between meetings and events. They’re also a great solution for smaller spaces that have multiple uses. Mobile and foldable tables can be used individually or put together to form larger desks for meetings and collaborative work.

Monitor Arms

We offer a varied range of monitor arms that are designed to suit any budget and space. From lightweight single monitor arms to heavy-duty multiple ones, we have the perfect solution that can adapt to any desk and workspace set-up.

Ergonomic Accessories

As well as furniture, we also offer several ergonomic accessories to enhance office fit-outs and employee comfort. Accessories such as CPU holders help to keep workstations tidy and anti-fatigue mats help to stimulate workers, keep them engaged and help with concentration.

wholesale office furniture
monitor arms

Would You Benefit from Wholesale Office Furniture in Sydney?

Providing workers with ergonomic office furniture is a great way to increase happiness and productivity whilst making the most of your office space too. Whether you’re looking to fit out your entire office from scratch or want to improve what you already have with ergonomic desk converters and accessories, our dedicated professionals can help you find the right solution. Get in contact with the team at Elevar, we’ll be happy to recommend the best ergonomic furniture for your office or project.