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The last two years or so have seen many people working from home and now, slowly but surely, employees are returning to the office. For some, it is a welcome return, and they will do so eagerly, but for others, it could be a reluctant transition and one that businesses will need to support their teams on. There’s also the reality that the novelty of being back in the office could wear off in time. So how do we approach office design to entice people?

In this article, we look at four trends to think about for your corporate office space planning. Consider implementing a few, or all, so that your office environment supports wellbeing, productivity and is generally inviting for those returning to HQ.

Let’s check out these top design ideas:


Comfort First

During endless lockdowns, employees had to find ways to adapt their home environment to incorporate their working requirements. It’s now time, however, for business owners to consider how they can bring some home comforts into the workplace.

This isn’t a suggestion to turn your office into a bedroom furniture display with staff in pyjamas, but there are certain elements that can be incorporated into any work environment that take staff comfort into account. Some ideas include:

Some other ideas:

You can also carry out surveys to ask employees what they would like to see brought into the office design to increase their comfort.

Workplace design trends


Flexible Working Spaces

The traditional office layout is becoming less common, as more companies move towards flexible working spaces. This trend is being driven by the rise of remote working and the desire for employees to have more control over their work environment. This year we can expect to see more offices with open floor plans and a variety of different work areas, such as quiet zones and collaboration spaces.


Ergonomic Design

A part of flexible working is commercial furniture and products that support ergonomics. Keeping this in mind will ensure you’re providing a setting that offers options for everyone’s health.

While not a new idea, sit/stand workstations are seeing a new surge in popularity, particularly electric standing desks. In addition to providing flexibility there are a host of other benefits to standing desks.

Complementary products such as document holders, monitor arms, fatigue mats and adjustable office chairs are some additional ways to increase ergonomic comfort and flexibility.


Transform Areas with Ease

Being able to transform the different sections of your office to adapt to multiple purposes is also key to flexibility. Why not consider foldable meeting tables on wheels that can quickly and easily be moved and stacked to create more floor space for training or social requirements?

It’s also important to provide workstations that are accessible for all user needs. This doesn’t have to mean that more space is required, often the opposite.

folding office table, meeting table wholesaler


Connect With Nature

Workplace biophilia (love of life and living things) has been on the rise for some time with many offices incorporating nature into their overall design. Research points to an increase of productivity and creativity in staff who work in settings that incorporate natural elements such as greenery and light, compared to those working without.

So how can you incorporate living things into your workplace design?

Office design with plants

Neutral Tones

If you’re looking to refresh your existing workspace design or contemplating your palette options for a completely new office set up, consider sticking with a neutral range of colours for the main walls and ceilings.

Benefits of using neutral tones:

These days there are options for commercial furniture to be available in customised shades, for example, tabletops and powder-coated frameworks for flexible workstations and meeting tables.


The Wrap Up

New design and technology trends continue to shape the spaces we work in and influence the ways in which we approach our occupations.

Given the amount of time many of us have spent working from home over the past couple of years, it’s a good time to reinvent or refresh the office space we want our teams to return to for face-to-face employment.

At Elevar, we inspire flexible, intelligent workspaces by connecting the design community with innovative, cost-conscious products, enhancing productivity, and cultivating well being. Get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial workplace design needs.